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Community Arts Center

Williamsport, PA

Additions and Renovations
28,000 SF New
32,000 SF Renovations
2,100 Seats

Williamsport, PA was a stop on the 1920’s Vaudeville circuit, hosting acts from Gene Krupa to The Three Stooges. But after decades of neglect, the theatre was ready for rejuvenation.

Hayes Large led an expert team of architects, historic renovation specialists and acoustic and theatre consultants to re-invent the entire building.

The inner lobby, staircases and main house were restored to their original “Movie-House Moorish” grandeur. Along Fourth Street, a lively new addition, focused on the marquee, houses the outer lobby, Green Room, VIP room, and community offices.

Behind the main house, stage and support spaces are more than doubled, providing versatility for modern shows ranging from Broadway to rock, instrumental to choral performances