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Mifflin County High School

Lewistown, PA

New Construction
251,088 sf New
1,150 Students Grades 9-12

New High School is the Centerpiece for a Secondary Campus. Construction of a new high school near its existing schools enabled Mifflin County School District to create a traditional "campus-like" site.

Hayes Large organized the building into 2 Houses and a connecting Commons. A front Academic House presents a traditional architectural image to the community, with columns, pediments and a cupola. At the rear, an Activities House blends traditional and contemporary design. A light-filled Commons connects the two and contains a dining/social space below and a library above.

Designers tucked the 3-story structure into the hillside to reduce its apparent size and provide multiple on-grade entrances. The new campus, with its hilltop high school, preserves usable land and incorporates existing playfields, parking and access drives to link new and existing schools.